Our Mission

We believe a tenant should thrive in their workplace, and so should the people behind the scenes. Everything we do is founded on cloud-based technology, built to serve those who use it.

Our Purpose

Elevate the tenant experience with technology, allowing any property to reach a level of excellence they and their tenants deserve.

About Us

With a background in real estate on the property management side, the founders of BuildingHub are intimately familiar with the inefficiencies that multiple systems and logins can create: lost passwords, security clearances, confusing booking systems.

With that in mind, the blueprints for BuildingHub were drawn. The founders developed an integrated platform to help building managers, tenants, and contractors seamlessly keep buildings running smoothly.

Our Values

Focus on the tenant.

The end goal is always improving a tenant’s experience. It’s how building owners think and property managers operate. Create narratives and assets geared to the end customer.

Deliver insights.

This is a core feature of the tech we build. The marketing and the editorial content we create should follow suit. Share powerful statistics and valuable lessons that help our partners grow.

Build trust.

We operate with integrity in all aspects of business. Our marketing shouldn’t mislead potential clients or be opaque. Be transparent and highlight our strengths: integration and data privacy.

Be open minded.

To new ideas and new ways of reaching customers. The better we can understand our clients and their tenants – what they worry about, where they show up – the more effective we’ll be.