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Delight tenants. Streamline operations. Grow profits.

BuildingHub is an innovative all-in-one platform for building management that revolutionizes the way buildings are monitored and controlled. It offers real-time monitoring, centralized control, intelligent insights, customizable dashboards, proactive maintenance, and seamless integration with existing systems.

BuildingHub aims to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and tenant experience by providing a comprehensive solution for building management. It’s the building experience designed for the human experience.

Your Intelligent

Your Intelligent Ecosystem: With our powerful tools and advanced technology, you can automate essential processes, streamline workflows, and unlock a new level of efficiency. Seamlessly integrate various aspects of your building management, from maintenance and security to tenant communication and resource allocation. Say goodbye to manual tasks and inefficiencies, and embrace our state-of-the-art online and mobile-enabled ecosystem designed specifically for commercial building management.


Gain a competitive edge in the market by delivering unparalleled tenant satisfaction. With our automation capabilities, you can enhance the tenant experience through convenient self-service portals, automated notifications, and responsive communication channels.


Unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity as you streamline security operations. Our solution empowers you to provide seamless access for authorized individuals, monitor video security for added safety, and create a welcoming environment for visitors. It's the perfect blend of security, convenience, and hospitality.


Embrace the power of real-time analytics to make informed decisions. No more relying on guesswork or outdated data. Our platform provides you with real-time deal and portfolio analytics, giving you a comprehensive view of your leasing performance. Armed with actionable insights, you can effortlessly cultivate strong connections with your tenants, fostering loyalty, satisfaction, and retention while mitigating risks and optimize your portfolio for maximum returns.


Seize the opportunity to unlock the true potential of your property, enhance tenant satisfaction, and watch as your long-term revenue streams flourish. Allow tenants to reserve meeting spaces, conference rooms, or event venues with just a few clicks. Automate entry and exit systems to ensure a seamless parking experience for your tenants and their guests. It's the perfect way to enhance productivity, collaboration, and convenience for your tenants.

Built by Owners,
for Owners

Born out of necessity and shaped by the firsthand experiences of our founders in real estate property management, we recognized the shortcomings of existing solutions—outdated, disjointed, and vulnerable. In response, we took it upon ourselves to create a better alternative.

Our focus is on providing cutting-edge, seamlessly integrated building management technology that empowers property managers and owners. Through our innovative solutions, we aim to eliminate inefficiencies, enhance security, and deliver a cohesive experience that surpasses expectations.

With a deep understanding of industry pain points, our dedicated team is committed to shaping a future where buildings are managed with unparalleled efficiency, harmony, and peace of mind.

Built by owners,

for owners.

BuildingHub was born out of necessity, not opportunity. With a background in real estate property management, our founders experienced firsthand the shortcomings of preexisting building management technology. Frustrated by solutions that were outdated, disjointed, and vulnerable — we built our own.

A Better Building
Starts Here.

Experience the power of an integrated solution, designed to scale seamlessly across diversified portfolios.

Real Time Monitoring

Keep a finger on the pulse of your building with live data and analytics. BuildingHub provides instant access to crucial information, such as energy consumption, occupancy levels, security status, and environmental conditions.

Centralized Control

Take control of your building's systems and operations from a single intuitive interface. BuildingHub streamlines management tasks by integrating various subsystems, including HVAC, lighting, security, and more, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient operation.

Intelligent Insights

Unlock actionable insights through advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. BuildingHub analyzes the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and potential issues, empowering you to optimize resource allocation, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enhance occupant comfort.


Each building and the people inside are different. Give them all the tools they need.


We believe privacy is a right. Your data belongs to you.


Our interface is intuitive and accessible.


Real-time insights give you 24/7 visibility and control.


Manage an entire portfolio in the palm of your hand.


An open-API platform integrates solutions on a single interface.

Customized Dashboards

Tailor BuildingHub to your specific needs with customizable dashboards. Create personalized views that display the most relevant information and key performance indicators, allowing you to have a holistic overview of your building's performance at a glance.

Proactive Maintenance

BuildingHub's predictive maintenance capabilities enable you to address potential maintenance issues before they escalate. By leveraging data-driven predictions and automated alerts, you can schedule preventive maintenance tasks, reduce downtime, and extend the lifespan of critical building assets.

Seamless Integration

BuildingHub effortlessly integrates with existing building management systems and technologies, ensuring a smooth transition and compatibility with your current infrastructure. It also offers open APIs, enabling easy integration with third-party applications and services.

Discover the power of the platform.

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Bring Your Entire Portfolio Together
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Experience the future of building management with BuildingHub — where efficiency, sustainability, and the human experience converge. Streamline your operations, optimize resource utilization, and elevate the comfort and well-being of occupants like never before.

Legacy Systems

Traditional building management relies on fragmented hardware and software, leading to disconnected information, teams, and assets.

Tenant Engagement

Move beyond services that merely notify tenants of amenities, and embrace solutions that provide tangible benefits to operators and owners alike.

The BuildingHub Experience

BuildingHub revolutionizes the building experience by seamlessly connecting tenants, management, amenities, physical systems, and software to create a dynamic ecosystem that transforms real-time data into actionable insights, tailored to the unique needs of each user.

Legacy Systems

Traditional building management is dependent on disparate hardware and software, resulting in disjointed information, teams, and assets.

Tenant Engagement

Services that notify tenants of amenities but offer no benefits to operators or owners.

The BuildingHub Experience

A single, integrated solution that connects every stakeholder and building in your portfolio with real-time data and control.

Custom tailored to you.

Experience the versatility of our class-A platform, tailored to any building class and customizable to meet the unique needs of various real estate sectors.

Commercial Real Estate


Multi-Family Residential

townhouse (1) 2

Senior Living

Commercial Real Estate


Multi-Family Residential

townhouse (1) 2

Senior Living


One hub for everyone

A single solution configured to meet the needs of every stakeholder, building, and portfolio.