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The BuildingHub platform is engineered to integrate seamlessly with your current partners while granting direct access to new, top-tier solutions.


When robust solutions are available, we integrate them. When we identify gaps in the marketplace, we take action by crafting our own and provide access through the expansive BuildingHub partner network.

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Boost efficiency and collaboration with seamless Integration Solutions tailored to streamline your business processes.

Amano McGann

Amano McGann is a world leader in providing advanced parking solutions and cutting edge hardware across North America and Canada.


Genea provides best-in-class access control and visitor management technology solutions.


Yardi is dedicated to the design, development, and support of real estate investment management and property management software.


Density’s software provides workspace insights using privacy-first sensors, informing workplace decisions for diverse companies.


All-in-one email delivery platform. Loved by developers, it offers powerful APIs for effortless email sending, receiving, and tracking.


Twilio enables engaging customer interactions with a simple cloud-based platform and powerful tools to solve complex problems.


LenelS2 develops advanced security solutions, including access control, video surveillance, & mobile credentialing for web & mobile apps.

Apple Wallet

A digital wallet for virtual ID cards, keys, tickets, and payment cards. Store all your essentials securely in one convenient app.


Stripe is a financial platform that allows businesses to accept payments, boost revenue, and seize new growth opportunities.


HID enables trusted environments for governments, institutions, and businesses to transact securely, work efficiently, and travel with ease.


Butlr is a 100% anonymous people sensing platform, enhancing workplace planning and optimizing operations for global enterprises.

BuildingHub Partner Program

Partnering with BuildingHub opens doors to new business opportunities, increased sales, and greater visibility within the smart buildings market.

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At BuildingHub, we’re committed to seamless integrations, and we invite you to explore our partner integration case studies. These success stories highlight our efforts to redefine collaboration through strategic integrations and purposeful solutions, effectively transforming the industry with enhanced efficiency and innovation. Experience firsthand how BuildingHub is leading the way in reshaping and redefining The Building Experience.

Integrated Access Control

BuildingHub’s security capabilities are significantly bolstered through its seamless integration with Genea’s advanced access control system, resulting in a comprehensive solution that regulates and monitors entry to physical spaces. This integration enables Security to efficiently manage access permissions using BuildingHub’s interface or mobile app, ensuring precise synchronization with keycards and mobile devices and maintaining accurate and up-to-date access control measures.

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Seamless Parking Integration

BuildingHub teams up with Amano McGann to launch a cutting-edge cloud integration revolutionizing Building Experience and Parking Access. This innovative solution enhances parking operations, ensuring reliable, seamless revenue control.

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