Security Hub

With our comprehensive 24/7 monitoring and controls, you gain unparalleled visibility and control to ensure the utmost safety of your building and its tenants. Be the vigilant eyes and ears that detect and mitigate risks, providing a secure environment that instills confidence and peace of mind. Embrace the power of proactive building security, where protection is paramount and potential threats are swiftly identified and neutralized.

Access Control

Elevate Your Building’s Security to New Heights. Experience the convenience of consolidating all your access tools in one centralized hub.

From monitoring cameras to granting access to entrances and modifying keycard permissions in real time, you have full control at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Seamlessly enhance security measures, streamline operations, and ensure peace of mind with our cutting-edge integrated access control solution. Maximize efficiency, minimize risks, and embrace a new era of building protection.

Visitor Management

Deploy a streamlined process that effortlessly handles credentialing and building access, ensuring a hassle-free journey for tenants, visitors, and security alike.

From the moment guests arrive, offer a frictionless experience that leaves a lasting impression. Enhance security, maximize efficiency, and elevate the overall visitor experience with our innovative visitor management solution.

Welcome guests with open arms and empower your building with a new standard of hospitality.

Discover the power of the platform.

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Vendor Access

Our comprehensive solution enables you to seamlessly manage Certificates of Insurance (COIs), verify identities, and obtain rigorous security approvals.

By putting compliance at the forefront, you can ensure a secure and trustworthy network of vendors. Streamline processes, minimize risks, and establish a foundation of trust with our powerful vendor compliance system.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your vendors meet the highest standards and adhere to your strict compliance requirements.

Real-Time Digital
Incident Report

By capturing every incident and its outcome with utmost precision, our advanced system helps you mitigate legal risks effectively. Ensure compliance, maintain accurate records, and stay one step ahead of potential challenges.

With our robust incident reporting capabilities, you can confidently navigate any situation while safeguarding your organization’s reputation and legal standing. Transform incident management into a proactive process that enhances risk mitigation and delivers peace of mind.

Harness the Power of
Mass Communication

Seamlessly reach your entire building community in real-time with our cutting-edge platform. From urgent announcements to important updates, our mass communication feature ensures that every message is delivered swiftly and effectively.

Mitigate risks, enhance safety protocols, and strengthen community engagement with our robust solution. Embrace the power of instant and impactful communication that keeps everyone informed, connected, and secure.

Custom tailored to you.

Our class-A platform is suitable for any building class and can be customized to your assets at the portfolio and building level to automate tasks, drive real-time responses, and provide actionable insights anytime, anywhere.