Leasing Hub

Enhance leasing visibility with remarkable efficiency—utilize precise records, visualized data, and timely contractual notices to expedite signings and renewals. With our comprehensive solution, streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and foster seamless communication. Accelerate leasing success, unlock new opportunities, and gain a competitive edge with our powerful tools that revolutionize the way you manage and maximize your leasing potential.


Unlock the power of stacking plans to optimize occupancy.Visualize future occupancy opportunities and strategically prompt lease renewals, reduce vacancies, and maximize overall occupancy levels. With our comprehensive stacking plans, gain a clear view of your space’s potential and propel your success in the commercial real estate market.


Maximize space efficiency and minimize upfront costs for tenants by providing detailed floor plans and renovation options. By providing comprehensive floor plans and access to renovation choices, we enable tenants to optimize their space utilization while reducing initial expenses.

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Lease Management

Enhance Lease Management through Transparent Communication between Leasing Agents and Tenants. Stay informed and proactive with timely notifications regarding contractual obligations, lease end dates, and changes such as rate increases.

By fostering transparency, we enable a collaborative environment that helps both leasing agents and tenants stay ahead of important milestones and changes, ensuring smoother lease management and stronger relationships. Experience the power of transparent communication that empowers all stakeholders and facilitates seamless lease operations.


Custom tailored to you.

Our class-A platform is suitable for any building class and can be customized to your assets at the portfolio and building level to automate tasks, drive real-time responses, and provide actionable insights anytime, anywhere.