Operations Hub

Supercharge productivity and streamline day-to-day operations with a cutting-edge automated solution for commercial building management.

Work Order

Accelerate the resolution process with an optimized workflow for work orders. Tenants benefit from a seamless and efficient method to submit requests, while also gaining real-time updates on the status. With automatic detection and elimination of duplicate requests, engineers can bypass unnecessary requests and promptly focus on addressing high-priority tickets.

Proactive Measures for
Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Stay one step ahead of maintenance requirements, ensuring a seamless and well-functioning building environment that exceeds expectations.

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Record Storage

Mitigate risk and ensure compliance with our intelligent record storage system. Track tenants’ Certificates of Insurance (COIs) effortlessly and receive timely notifications when end dates are approaching, allowing you to proactively address potential compliance gaps and prevent any lapses. Safeguard your operations and maintain a smooth and secure environment with our smart record storage solution.

Integrated Accounting

Streamline your financial operations with our integrated accounting solution. Experience the ease of simplified billing for work orders and maintenance fees as invoices and payments seamlessly connect back to your accounting system. 

Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace a cohesive financial ecosystem that saves time, reduces errors, and enhances overall efficiency. With our integrated accounting feature, managing your finances has never been more seamless or hassle-free.